Best Gifts for Working Women

Best Gifts for Working Women


Not sure what to give that busy woman in your life? Simple, time-saving gifts are a huge hit that make her life easier. Here are some of our favorites:


Yes, it may seem unoriginal but almost nothing is more convenient than prepaid gift cards, especially those that can be used anywhere. A full grocery gift card, one from her favorite coffee shop, or a card from a fun boutique she loves are great gifts. And she can decide to use them for whatever she likes on her own time.


Who wouldn’t love a massage or day at the spa? It’s easy to make anyone feel pretty special with a day of pampering. Or if working out is her thing, treat her to a new class or training session at the gym.

A Clean House

A clean house is wonderful to come home to at the end of a hard day. And you know what isn’t? A house that still needs you to clean it! This is what millions of working women come home to every day, so why not treat her to a clean house? Get a service to clean house for her.

A Night Out

Not sure what “things” she wants or needs? Give her a fun experience instead. Movie tickets, concert tickets, or a paid-for trip to a wine flight or great restaurant are all fun ways to show you care. And go the extra mile: if you’re not going with her, offer to babysit!

Quick Pick-Me-Up

Is she part of the coffee generation? Give her a gourmet brewing machine for coffee, tea, and other hot drinks that’s fast and small, perfect for her workspace. Is she more of a bookworm? Get her a new book for her Kindle, or a beautiful hardcover copy for that lady who still likes to read from the paper page.

Necessities No One Likes to Buy

We all hate that low battery notification. Gift your busy female friend with a brand new, high-speed phone charger, or one for her tablet. Or if she’s a yoga pants gal, get her a great new pair; these are more expensive than it seems and much more fun to receive than to buy.

Luxuries No One Likes to Buy—For Themselves

Have you ever noticed that many women you know spend their time and resources buying and caring for others but put themselves last on the list? Many women feel guilty about buying luxuries for themselves even though they have no problem purchasing them for others. Do it for her. Get her a high-end lipstick from a store she loves, or treat her to the “Must Have Box” from Neiman Marcus and Pop Sugar.
It’s not hard to brighten the day of that working woman that you care about. There’s a best gift here for everyone.